недеља, 09. август 2009.



Do you think it is possible for one twenty years old person to change significantly the look of a two-million city? Well, TKV showed it is possible. She is the one who defines the stencil scene of Belgrade, and that is why I am writing first about her. She started as truly young girl, when she was just fifteen-sixteen her father supported her to do her first stencil graffiti: Amelie Poulain. Since then, there is a storm of her ideas and creativity. We got TKV, which stands for: The Kraljica Vile…

Now, she says that she sees everything through stencils and that 90 percent of her time and energy spends on street art. And she has plenty of energy: she does photography and murals, she studies communications, works in other cities outside Belgrade … Personally, I haven’t been impressed with anyone’s ideas and attitude for a long time like with TKV’s. Still she is humble, and claims that she is not really important as her work is. She adds that art makes no sense if it does not communicate and changes the world around us.
If you want to learn more about her work and way of thinking check the interview with her (under the serial Pretty Cool People) at: http://vodpod.com/watch/1179573-pretty-cool-people-interviews-tkv And if you want to learn more about street art and artists that inspire her she recommends to see the movie “Bomb it” (2008)
Talking about her works, there are plenty of them all over Belgrade. Some unfortunately disappeared… I see on just my way from home to work three fantastic works, so I believe that anyone who visited Belgrade saw some of her art. These are my favorite:
At the corner of Mekenzi and Maksima Gorkog streets:
In Prote Mateje street, across the Spain embassy:
Lower Admirala Geprata street:
Next to the post office in Kneginje Zorke street:

Unfortunately many of her fantastic works disappeared, like these attempts to pimp telecom’s boxes:

To be continued!