недеља, 08. новембар 2009.

AiR Stencil Team

AiR (in Serbian: Automatizacija i Robotika)

The artist known as AiR (Automatizacija i Robotika i.e. Automatization and Robotics) works already several years intensively on Belgrade’s streets. Under this name he started in the summer 2008, while previously he worked with the 352 crew. He figured out the potential of stencils from some TV show on satellite channel, and quickly understood that this is good way of expressing own ideas and views. Since he is a student of design, he constantly draws and creates something, so this was additional challenge: how the wider public will react on his works. His first piece of work was done under the sign of 352 – it was stencil of Mrs. Milka Canić, supervisor of the TV quiz show Slagalica:

Another piece that he signed as 352 is:

Nowadays he mainly works alone, while previously he had another member of the AiR crew, who in particular helped him with technical side of doing stencils. For the time being he does just stencils while soon he is planning doing stickers as well.

All his works reflect his perception of everyday life, but also cartoons and movies, and he simply wants to share his impressions with others. Doing so, he tries to influence other people and flag some issues around him. His motivation for work primarily comes from the fact that someone likes and respects what he does. On his work TKV had significant impact in terms of motivation and ideas.

So far he has 12 different stencils on Belgrade streets which could be checked on MySpace: http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewPicture&friendID=447150480&albumId=96971 And his page at DeviantArt is: http://automatizacija.deviantart.com/

He is still trying to define his own style and what is also interesting he does his stencils using whole in one surfaces i.e. without lines and in the early days he was drawing stencils by hand. If you want to see how he does stencils today check the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCu8ODrtv24

These are some of his best works: