среда, 27. јануар 2010.

These days in Belgrade

These days two important events happened for the promotion of street art in Serbia. The first one was promotion of the new Tipografik Plus calendar, which is traditionally done by the leading Serbian branding agency – Unibrand. This years theme of calendar is the work of TKV. Creative directors of the calendar are Djordje Lasic and Vuk Loncarevic, art director is Nebojsa Cvetkovic and photos of TKV’s artwork are done by Marko Todorovic. Promotion of the calendar was organized in the Cultural Center Grad on December 29. This was remarkably successful event and hundreds of agendas and calendars have been given away. Here are a few excerpts from the calendar.

The other important event happened on January 18, when in the French Cultural Center (www.ccf.org.rs) the exhibition under the series Young Serbian Authors opened. The title of the exhibition is „Young Monkeys (occupy the city)“. Idea is to present the work of young artists working in Serbia and in the region. One of the artists whose works you can see there is TKV, who prepared two new pieces of art just for this exhibition. Besides TKV you can see there remarkable pieces of Duet Turbo Comix (Žoana Markade and Bruno Tolić), Ana Ðukić, Nina Željković, Predrag Damjanović and Ana Krstić. Curator of the exhibition is Mihael Milunović. Exhibition is opened till February 24.