недеља, 23. мај 2010.

Sila / 352

Man who usually signs his work as Sila works on the streets of Belgrade for more than four years. He started with graffities on the rooftops and garages of Belgrade and then moved to stencils within 352 stencil crew. In fact most of his works is signed as 352, in particular those between 2007 and 2008. Stencil crew 352 is certainly the most important stencil crew in Serbia, including the fact that AiR started with them as well. After the break up of 352 Sila works on his own, though not as intensively as before. Also it is important that there are couple of works signed as Addict, coming from the same guy. As he likes to stress he enjoys working in teams and he is completely addicted to street art. Moreover part of his mission is to demonstrate what kind of potential lies within Belgrade’s youth, often underutilized. As with other artists he hates when someone else woks over his pieces and in fact already now it becomes more difficult to find his stuff in Belgrade.

So as you can see it is not easy to distinguish between his and the work of 352 so I decided to write about it jointly. Also, since I have more than 100 photos of his/their work (mainly coming from Sila) I will post two articles about him/them.