среда, 13. април 2011.


Ink is one of the newer Serbian stencil artists, though he is also a professor, skater, musician… How much energy he has can be seen from the fact that he for more than two years coming to Belgrade to do his stencils on Belgrade facades even though he lives in Kragujevac, about 150km away. His energy is enormous, as he admits he has new stencil each week.

He started working with stencils while preparing t-shirts for his band, and he wanted to check how that would look like on the wall as well. Ink plays in two bands: Incomplete and Tehnološki višak.

Unlike many other street art artists, who after some time focus on more and more technically complex stencils, Ink still enjoys working with simpler pieces – using just one color. He also occasionally likes to work with small size stencils, and one of those is actually my favorite piece from Ink: people on the stairs handrail.

Lately he started doing larger formats and with more collors and one of my favorite works is Wire (this is video how it was made: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5M2sv6omyg&feature=youtu.be )

He likes using tag Ink since that was his first association on writing and drawing, and in some way it is linked with the name of his band. One of his favorite artists is C215. Here we put photos of some of his works and a few more could be found on his Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ink_stencil/

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